1st Annual BFF Weekend Getaway

11 Aug

This year for my birthday, Marcy got me a night away and a massage.  It was pretty much the best gift I could have gotten at this point in my life.  The boys will be 6 months old tomorrow and last night was my first night without them.  I missed them, but it was so rejuvenating to have one night to myself with my friend.  Since we decided that this would be the 1st annual, I decided I better record what we did for future reference.

We met for brunch and ate at my favorite restaurant in Columbus, Northstar.  Then, we went and hung out at the hotel pool for a couple of hours before our massages.  We got massages at Macy’s, and it was the best massage I ever had.  I was a puddle and I could have just curled up on the table at the end and took a nap.  I needed that!  On the way back to the hotel for showers, we stopped at Groovy Spoon for ice cream!

photo 1

Once we showered up, we went out for a fancy dinner at Brio, complete with much needed wine!

photo 2

We came back to the hotel and talked until it was time to sleep.  In the morning, we talked more (actually, we talked the whole time!), ate the hotel breakfast and headed home.  I already can’t wait until next year!  :)

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  1. Marcy August 13, 2013 at 7:51 am #

    Hooray! I think my favorite part was when you tried to wipe my sun spots off my forhead at the ice cream place, lol! :) Next year, I think we should take two nights!

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