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16 May

You wanna know what I’m doing on any given day?  Every day is pretty much the same.  Right now, there’s no such thing as a relaxing Friday night or sleeping in on Saturday.  It’s a lot like Groundhog Day around here.  And just in case you have some morbid curiosity about just how I go about feeding two babies at the same time, here ya go.

4am- These days it’s getting closer to 5am (thankfully!), but this is the first feeding of the day/night.  I grab my phone and a big glass of water and feed the boys on the floor of the nursery while I check FB (not much going on at that hour!) and read a book using my kindle app.  (I can’t feed them on a chair because I use a giant pillow to feed both of them and it doesn’t fit.)  I keep the lights off and the sound machine on, hoping that they won’t think it’s time to get up for the day (although this is getting harder since it’s getting lighter earlier).  When they finish, I change them quickly and put them back to bed.  They actually go back to sleep these days, which is a huge improvement over the first 10 weeks.  Then I get to go back to bed for an hour or two.

7am- For this feeding, I turn off the sound machine in the nursery, turn on a light and act like it’s daytime.  I also try to grab some breakfast before I start feeding.  If the boys are still asleep, I’ll make some oatmeal to take upstairs with me.  If they aren’t, I’ll grab some poptarts.  I also get all my vitamins.  I feed the babies on the floor of the nursery again and then I call for Dan (sometimes I actually call him, but most of the time I just yell through the monitor).  He takes Dominic (or whoever’s done first), burps him and changes him, while I finish up with Leo and do the same.  We usually share how the 10pm and 4am feedings went (Dan does the 10pm on his own with bottles) and then we put the boys down for tummy time while Dan goes to work (in the basement, since he works from home) and I pump to get extra milk for that 10pm feeding.  I also use my phone to play Jewel’s Lullaby album for the boys.  When tummy time is over, I flip the boys on their backs and talk to them until they get tired.  During this time of the day, they’ve become very cute and interactive.  They coo at me and smile until they get tired.  Dominic gets tired first, so I wrap him in his woombie and put him to bed.  Then, I can usually put Leo to bed and he goes right to sleep.  This is the only time of the day this happens, so be happy for me!

8:30am- I get to shower!  This wasn’t always true!  I shower and get ready for the day, then I come downstairs, wash bottles, do some cleaning up and make coffee.  I even get a few minutes to myself before the babies wake up.  Lately, they’ve been taking a long nap during this time and I’ve been letting them sleep until 10:30.

10-10:30am- If I’m on my own this is how it goes: The babies start to wake up, so I go upstairs and get one, bring him down and put him on a boppy.  Then I go get his brother and take off his swaddle blanket and put him on another boppy on the couch (next to where I nurse).  I can then take the swaddle blanket off of the first baby, put my nursing pillow on (yes, it straps around my waist), pick up the first baby and sit down on the couch.  Then I can pick up the second baby and put him on the pillow with his brother.  It’s quite the feat.  They eat and I watch Kathie Lee and Hoda.  When they are finished, I take Dominic (usually) and sit him up on the edge of my nursing pillow and burp him for a while before putting him tummy down on the boppy to finish burping while I burp Leo.  I single-handedly (with a baby in the other hand) unstrap my nursing pillow and take Leo over to the changing table to change his diaper and get him dressed for the day.  Leo then goes on tummy time while Dominic gets changed and dressed and then he joins Leo for tummy time.  Then, I sit near them and shake toys in front of their faces, play music, read books and whatever it takes for them to not cry during tummy time.  After tummy time is over, I put them on their backs in their play gym, which they love.  They play there until Dominic gets tired (he’s almost always first) and then I wrap him up and take him up to the nursery.  Thankfully, he goes down quickly, so I can run back down to play with Leo for a little longer until he gets tired.  When Leo gets tired, I wrap him up and I usually have to rock him for a while until he gets drowsy enough to lay down in the crib.

Noon- I usually get to eat lunch during this nap.  The boys sleep pretty well for this one, but sometimes (like right now actually!) they fuss and I have to go up and give a pacifier or rock someone a little extra (usually Leo).

1-1:30pm- Another feeding!  See 10-10:30am.  It’s pretty much the same, except I watch the news.  It’s also different if I have help, then someone else (usually Grandma) takes Dominic and I take care of Leo.  After this feeding and tummy time, I sometimes take a walk with the boys.  Then, they fall asleep in the stroller and I let them sleep in the car seats (which go in the stroller) until the next feeding.  If I have help, this is also a time where I’ll run out to grab groceries or run some other quick errands on my own.

4-4:30pm- Another feeding!  Usually I get the boys started while I watch Ellen and by the time they are finished Dan is off work and can help with the burping, changing and tummy time.  The boys don’t usually sleep well during this nap, so we try to figure out dinner while we run up and down the stairs putting in pacifiers or putting babies in swings (the swings usually do the trick).

7-7:30pm- Last feeding of the day for me!  Dan helps me get the boys and they eat while we watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and sometimes (okay most times) eat dessert.  We don’t have the boys do tummy time after this feeding because we feel like they get worked up (and this is really bed time) and we also think they deserve a break.  We usually just hold them or let them play in their bouncers while we talk to them until someone gets tired.  I’ve also given baths at this time and I’m trying to get into a routine to get these done at this time, but I usually do baths after the 10am feeding when Dan’s mom comes over and helps.  By 8:30pm, we try to have the boys in bed, but they really fight this one.  Dominic will go down, but then wakes up a few times.  Leo is almost impossible to put down, so he’s usually in the swing.  And don’t think we’re trying to force them to sleep.  They are fussy cranky if they are up, but also fight sleep if we try to get them to bed.  We’ve tried extra formula, we’ve tried allowing them to stay up and all we can figure is that they are extra tired at the end of the day and it’s hard for them to sleep, but they really need it.  Plus, I’ve googled it and it seems like most babies experience a fussy time in the evening referred to as the “witching hour.”  They say it ends at 3-4 months.  Let’s hope so.

8:30pm- I try to get ready for bed at some point while trying the settle babies.  At 9ish, I pump more for the 10pm feeding and then I read a little before finally going to bed.

10-10:30pm- Dan bottle feeds the boys with my pumped milk mixed with some formula on the floor in the nursery.  He uses two boppies, one of each side of him, props the boys up and feeds them.  Then he burps and changes one at a time and, thankfully, they go to sleep very well at this time.  And then they sleep until 4-5am!  I’m still excited about that.  :)

More than you ever wanted to know?  Good.

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  1. Aunt Ann May 16, 2013 at 6:56 pm #

    I loved reading this! Thank you so much. I used to sit on the floor to nurse in the night.
    Love to all,
    Aunt Ann

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