A Very Vegetarian Thanksgiving

20 Nov

This week’s challenge was to host a dinner party.  Phew!  This was the most challenging challenge I’ve had!  I spent more than a week preparing and by the time the guests arrived I was still finishing up and rushing around like crazy (and sweating up a storm).

A few weeks ago, I sent out this evite to my guests.

I had a total of 11 positive responses, which was good, but I only have 8 settings of my china that I wanted to use.  I improvised though and used 3 of the “everyday” sets.  I think it ended up looking alright.  I also had to rearrange the table in dining room and use every chair/stool in the house to fit everyone in.  Here’s the final product.


The Menu-

Appetizers: Spinach dip (veganized) with spelt crackers and celery, globe grapes, cashews and ginger candies

Soup: Curried Carrot Bisque (from Vegan with a Vengeance) with a multigrain baguette

Main Course: “Gardener’s” Pie from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

Sides: Cranberry sauce, Autumn rice, Roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower (from this month’s Vegetarian Times)

Dessert: Impossible Pumpkin Pie from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, Apple Crisp, Soy vanilla ice cream and Jeni’s Vanilla Bean

I think everyone enjoyed the food and the conversation was nice.  I mean, there were a few awkward pauses here and there, but I think considering the variety of guests, it was great.  I had family, friends, schoolmates, husbands of schoolmates (okay, just one) and a professor!  I also forgot to put the apple crisp in during dinner, so we had some time to kill waiting for that (sheepish grin).  After dinner, we were supposed to play some euchre, but somehow Dan got everyone interested in playing Rock Band.  Ah well.  So, here’s everyone crammed in the living room rocking out.


Then, we stood around and talked for a little while as people trickled out.  Afterward, Dan and I cleaned up the kitchen (though Ben was a big help throughout the night keeping the table clear of dirty dishes!) and we didn’t get to bed until midnight.  I was verrrrry tired, but it was totally worth it.  I’m already thinking about the next one and I’m thinking Italian!  :)

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  1. Aunt Ann November 22, 2010 at 8:28 am #

    Your menu sounds delicious! I’m glad it was fun.
    Aunt Ann

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