Emerging Personalities Update

22 Jun

The boys are 16 months old now and they are changing so quickly.  Just in the last few days, they are attempting to say many new words and sounds.  The other day, Leo was saying “ra” for raisin, “eesh” for leaf, and Dominic is saying “ish” for fish and basically trying to repeat any string […]

Cyborg Teaching and Learning

30 Apr

I want to talk about teaching with technology.  And I’m not going to tell you that the world has changed.  I’m going to tell you that it’s pretty much the same. Let me share with you a technology that rocked the world.  A technology that was criticized by a great teacher because it would make […]

To work or not to work or to kind of work

2 Apr

I’ve been doing some serious thinking about returning to a full time job next year.  I’ve been applying and not having much luck, but it seems like there is an opportunity on the horizon and I could have a difficult decision to make.  Should I stay home with the boys for a few more years […]

Survival Mode

31 Mar

For the past two days, Dan has been sick and I have had to take care of everything for the babies.  This is physically and mentally exhausting, but I’m seeing a bright side to survival mode.  When I have no expectations about getting anything done throughout the day, I never fail to meet expectations.  For […]


29 Mar

Dan was up all night last night throwing up and feeling awful.  We took him to the doctor today and he has norovirus.  It’s contagious, so he has to stay away from the babies for a few days.  Needless to say, today has been crazy and exhausting and that’s all I can type right now.

The perfect nanny

28 Mar

I’d also like to put it out into the universe that when I find/create the perfect job for me, I would like to find the perfect nanny.  Yeah, I know, I’m getting too big for my britches.  But, here goes nothing.  I want a nanny that loves the boys, that knows how to play with […]

My ideal job must exist somewhere

27 Mar

I’ve been thinking about my career a lot lately.  I love the field of education and, what I discovered in my official 6 months of not working, is that I like to work.  It gives me a sense of value, a different one than motherhood does.  And I think I need both.  But, I’d still […]

Our latest schedule

25 Mar

I need to write more, so why not start with our latest schedule.  I wrote this for my nanny who comes one glorious day a week while I work on my prof duties.  So if it sounds weirdly specific, that’s why.  Although, Dominic seems to be having a mini-sleep regression going on at the moment.  […]

Baby Boot Camp

20 Jan

It’s a new year.  And I’m entering my 7th year of blogging.  Whoa.  But more impressively, I will very soon be entering my second full year of parenting.  My new year begins on February 12th, Dominic and Leo’s first birthday.  This year has brought more change to my life than… anything ever.  Ever.  I like […]

How Christmas Carolers Fix Everything

19 Dec

I am exhausted. The past two days have been too much.  The boys and I are homebodies, mostly because I want them to sleep in their own beds for naps and also because I think it’s too hard to pack them up and take them places by myself.  I’m always weighing whether the amount of […]