17 Feb

My boys turned three last week.  It was a busy week planning their zoo birthday party, which turned out just like I had hoped.  When we got home, Leo said, “I had so much fun.” Melt. It’s been over a year since my last post, so it’s time to reflect on the boys and their […]


18 Feb

I like Lent.  I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore, but I still like to observe Lent.  Maybe it’s because we always participated when I was a kid.  Usually that meant giving up candy or TV.  It was sort of fun to challenge myself, but I also knew that I was doing something sacred.  I was […]

My Darwin and Lincoln

12 Feb

Dominic and Leo turned 2 today. Having 2-year-olds feels big.  They aren’t babies anymore and I like it.  I love that I feel like I am getting to know them a little more each day, and because of that, I fall in love a little more each day.  They are seriously so cool. Dominic is […]

First Conferences

23 Jan

Dan and I had our first parent-teacher conferences for Dominic and Leo this afternoon.  It was kind of exciting and kind of strange.  I’d been a teacher in parent-teacher conferences many times, but this was new.  And also, let’s be honest, what sorts of things are you going to hear at a conference for a […]

Tough Decisions

17 Jan

We aren’t going to Texas on what would have been our first family trip on an airplane.  And I’m disappointed for so many reasons.  I wanted to see my family there, especially Beth and Noah, who were coming from Alaska.  I wanted to get away to somewhere a little warmer.  I wanted to have our […]

The world is getting better

15 Jan

I feel the need, in the midst of so much negativity, to agree with this video.  The world is getting better.  So much better. So why is everyone always saying that it’s getting worse?  Do we blame the media?  The massive amount of new information and connections that we have?  I don’t know.  I need […]

Preparing for our first flight

12 Jan

We are taking our first family flight this Saturday and we’re busy getting ready.  We’re headed to Houston to visit the Fausnights and Beth, and her guy Noah, will be there too.  I’m so excited!  I’m also a little nervous of how the boys will do on the flights.  Last night we bought enough snacks […]

Basketball and the future

11 Jan

Today, Dan and I took Dominic and Leo to see their cousin Cole’s basketall game.  They loved it.  They’ve also been to their cousin Mark’s basketball game.  After going to Mark’s game, Leo started to shoot his mini-basketball differently.  He squares up, bends his knees and bounces several times, and then shoots.  It’s really cute, […]

Je suis Charlie

8 Jan

I feel like I want to talk about the attack on Charlie Hebdo, but I don’t really feel like I can speak intelligently about it.  I think freedom of speech is the only answer to groups that want to control speech.  But, it’s scary.  I thought it was amazing to see the solidarity of the […]

Twins Club

6 Jan

I’m starting to really love my little social club. I’ve been in the Mothers of Twins & More Club since I was about 20 weeks pregnant and I’ve made some really good friends and, as such, the meetings have become more and more fun. Tonight we had our monthly meeting and the program was on […]